The Vampire Diaries Music: "Dangerous Liaisons"

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There was seriously hot sex, a mother turning on her children and some surprisingly talented landscaping paintings on The Vampire Diaries last night.

The Arrival of Kol

There was also a waltz and a grand ball and numerous other occasions when the show set the ideal mood via its use of song. We've collected every track heard in our Vampire Diaries music selection and, below, we've listed a sampling from "Dangerous Liaisons."

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  Song Artist
She wants revenge up in flames Up In Flames She Wants Revenge iTunes
Wrap my mind around you Wrap My Mind Around You Trent Dabbs iTunes
Hurts devotion Devotion Hurts iTunes
The heavy short change hero Short Change Hero The Heavy iTunes
Ed sheeran give me love Give Me Love Ed Sheeran iTunes

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David and sabrina 2014

The music from this episode was ok and a little weird,compared to where they put them in the show. This episode went from mysterious to crazy with all the wacky events that show up. The show may go weird at times but it doesn't mean that I'll stop loving the show. =O =P ;P ;/


@dorra: ms too :)


I actually fell in love with Devotion by Hurts, and using this song combined with the way Damon looks at Elena as a soundtrack was just perfct :)


The best is for sur " Give me love "

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Drive much?

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