American Idols on the Charts

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American Idols past and present make up 7% (or 14) of the top 200 digital songs. Thanks to USA Today for this report of last week's ranking versus this week's:

  • 12-7 last week Kelly Clarkson/Never Again (58,000; 512,000 total): This underperforming single has probably done best in the download realm; half a million is a solid total. Radio has not been so fond of it, and it's been on the decline for a few weeks now, even before the album emerges.
  • 15-8  Daughtry/Home (49,000; 718,000 total): Drops 24% and out of the top 10.
  • 18-17  Carrie Underwood/Before He Cheats (45,000; 1.43 million total): The Carrie song that even people who hate country like; also, the Carrie song that even people who don't know American Idol like. There's something about bashing a car with a baseball bat that must appeal to all Americans.
  • 29-25  Elliott Yamin/Wait for You (32,000; 213,000 total): Elliott sells 2% more downloads than the previous week, but takes an unlucky downward chart bounce.
  • 39-9  Blake Lewis/You Give Love a Bad Name (25,000; 156,000 total): In the last three chart weeks, Jordin's This Is My Now won the first showdown with Blake, 74,000 to 70,000 and No. 9 to No. 11. Blake flipped the switch last week, winning the sales battle 60,000 to 54,000 and the chart war 9 to 14. This week they both nosedive, though Blake is still outselling Jordin.
  • 49-14  Jordin Sparks/This Is My Now (20,000; 148,000 total): Drops 63% from last week (Blake dropped 58%, by the way). We wonder when (or if) they'll release it as a single in traditional trophy song fashion. It would certainly be able to outsell Mandisa.
  • 112-124  Bucky Covington/Different World (8,600; 74,000 total): Finally, an upward-moving Idol track.
  • 123-138  Fantasia Barrino/When I See U (8,100; 65,000 total): Fairly modest sales considering its radio success. But it's still trending upward.
  • 143-102  Katharine McPhee/Over It (7,200; 441,000 total): Severe (30%) drop in downloads, but the song is still well ahead of the album.
  • 151-166  Kellie Pickler/I Wonder (6,900; 81,000 total): Slight (2%) gain in sales

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