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While Josh Schwartz and the Gossip Girl cast want everyone to love their new show, they probably hope native New Yorkers feel especially close ties to it.

After all, like Sex and the City, Gossip Girl uses the Big Apple like a character unto itself.

With that in mind, a writer for New York Magazine watched last night's season premiere. He took note of which aspects of the show depicted his city realistically, and which were a bit far-fetched. As the article states:

Below is our list of things we found gloriously implausible - and uncomfortably plausible - in last night's pilot episode, rated on our completely subjective point system:

Pilot Pics
That's a Bit Rich
Blake Lively as a high-school senior. Seriously, chick has got to be at least 30. What is this? A new season of Strangers With Candy?

• Formal invitations - on paper - are issued for the "Kissing on the Lips Party." Real kids use Evite.

• Nate: "Do you ever feel like our lives are planned out for us?" 17-year-olds are about as self-reflective as Saran Wrap.

• Blair" "Waldorf" and "Serena Van der Woodsen"? Who has names like that? Oh, yeah. Lead actress Blake Lively and Gossip Girl creator–apocalyptical horsewoman Cecily von Ziegesar

• Scene: Blair and Serena meet at the Palace Hotel, drink martinis up with olives. ("Nooo, we don't have a lot of private-school kids at our bar," says Melissa Blair, the hostess at Gilt, the Palace's bar. [Gilt! Which is a false cognate of the emotion Serena feels about sleeping with Nate! Symbolism!] They have been filming at the Palace though, Blair said. In fact, she saw them filming a scene yesterday. End of parenthetical.)

• Blair, wearing a corset and waiting in a candlelit room for a rendezvous with Nate. Teenage sex is awkward, no matter how much money you wrap it in.

• The kids take over a huge club (that at times looks like the meatpacking district's Level V and at other times like the sound studio that it is) for a party where prodigious amounts of alcohol is served. Club owners and parents are in the know. There are still LAWS in this city, people.

• Serena and Nate have sex on the bar of the empty Campbell Apartment. Dude, that place is always filled with bankers.

Okay, We'll Buy It

• Nate and Valmont smoking a joint in Central Park. Who hasn't?

• Chuck joking semi-seriously about borrowing his dad's Viagra. Do real teenagers do that? Probably, but ew.

• Attempted date rape. See above re: teenage sex.

• "Dancing on tables at Bungalow." After its steady decline in recent years, the high-school crowd is right about where that place is at these days.

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