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Chace Crawford recently spoke about his role on Gossip Girl with Prime Time Pulse. Here are a couple excerpts from the interview:

Q: How did you get involved with Gossip Girl then?
CC: Well I switched agents last November and I came back from Christmas and I had a little meeting with my agent to talk about the new upcoming "pilot season." I got handed a couple of scripts, because I didn't know which one would work out for me. I saw that Gossip Girl was created by Josh Schwartz, but little did I know how insanely popular this series of books were with younger gals.

The first read I thought Nate was totally attainable for me and something I was interested in. I went in prepared and met with Josh and Stephanie, the director, and casting director, and I guess they liked me. I went in again and again to audition. The key was trying to get Les Moonves, President of CBS, on my side. He was the final check mark in signing me off to play this role. I went in to read about six times.

I shot a few scenes and that was that. It was great. We shot the pilot in March, now doing all of this press, and the show premieres on Wednesday. It's kinda crazy.

Q: Was there something about the character that you liked or that interested you?
CC: I would like to play a little bit more humor in the future. But for now, Nate has these endearing qualities to him. He makes the right decisions at the end of the day. He's just a good guy. He always has Chuck over his shoulder, trying to pull him in the wrong direction, though. But it's pretty cool to play a high school character that you can still relate to the pressures of being conflicted on college choices and being forced to go to his father's college and the girl situation. It can be too much sometimes.

I think it's a nice window into the lives of obviously very extraordinary situated teenagers, but these characters are also relatable in certain situations. That is what makes it entertaining. There are some interesting storylines to follow and stories that everyone can relate to.

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