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Ed Westwick plays the very bad, charismatic Chuck Bass on Gossip Girl, a lad so filthy he might as well be a Gallagher brother in Oasis.

Well, it turns out that Ed Westwick has a rock band of his own and two of their songs are going to be featured on Gossip Girl on January 2!

His London-based band, The Filthy Youth, will be heard playing "Orange" and "Come Flash All You Ladies" on the January 2 episode, "School Lies."

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Ed Westwick's band will be featured on the next Gossip Girl.

In the upcoming Gossip Girl episode, Serena van der Woodsen (Blake Lively), Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester), Nate Archibald (Chace Crawford), Chuck and their entourage break into the school's swimming pool for a night of fun, but when a member of their group nearly drowns, the school threatens to expel the person responsible for breaking in.

As lead singer, Ed Westwick co-wrote both tunes with rhythm guitarist Jimmy Wright. The CW says that Westwick describes "Orange" a song about being with friends and "ripping it up," while "Come Flash All You Ladies" is about certain women Westwick has met throughout his life.

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