Executive Producer Speaks on 90210 Casting

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Executive producer Gabe Sachs recently talked to The Los Angeles Times about the new 90210. Here are excerpts from the article:

On the recreation of Beverly Hills 90210: "We see this as a totally fun thing. It's not the same show, but we get to have the element of such a cool, big hit. It's an honor to do it or to be able to do it. We'd love to have anyone from the old cast that would like to be on it."

On casting Jennie Garth: "Jennie is one of those people that when she does something, she always wants for it to mean something. She loves helping people. So I thought it was perfect: her as a guidance counselor. Originally, we were going to put her on the school board but that was a mistake."

On Tori Spelling's reaction to the show: "Tori wrote me an e-mail after she read the script and said, 'My dad would be really proud.' That was the biggest compliment we could ever get."

On casting Joe E. Tata: "Nat! My gosh. It was such an accident. Someone said they saw Nat in a store, so I called casting and told them, let's see if he'd like to do it. He was ecstatic. It's going to be a big deal."

On casting Shannen Doherty: "People hear all these things and, going in, you're like, what am I getting myself into? But we had the greatest time. It would be a dream to have her because she's a dynamic character and it would be interesting to see what that character is doing now. But it's complicated. It's up to the business folks."

On whether Daphne Silver, the character played by Jessica Stroup, is related to David Silver
: "I guess we'll have to stay tuned. There's a lot of Silvers in the phone book."

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