Jennie Garth Responds to Tori Spelling Departure

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Various reports have said that Tori Spelling dropped out of 90210 because she was displeased with her salary, compared with that of Jennie Garth and Shannen Doherty.

The former actress isn't sure if that's true or not, but she made it clear to Entertainment Weekly that there's no dispute between the actresses themselves.

“[The press thinks] we’re at war over salary with Tori. I didn’t know I was at war with Tori,” Garth said. “I’m really bummed because I love Tori and I was psyched Tori was going to be on the show. I think she should definitely get paid as much as either of us is getting paid. Her father created the show. It just seems wrong if that’s the case. I don’t know what really happened because I haven’t talked to her. I would like to talk to her.”

Tori Spelling of no longer coming back to 90210. But Shannen Doherty and Jennie Garth aren't pleased about that.

Doherty echoed those sentiments.

“They didn’t even get the numbers right,” the actress said, referring to stories that claimed her and Garth are receiving $35,000 - $50,000 per episode, about twice what Spelling was offered. "So I don’t know if it’s about the money, either.”

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