Producer Promises Cheese-Free 90210

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During the days of Beverly Hills 90210, if you drank under the age of 21, you got alcohol poisoning (glad you're okay, Steve's step brothers).

The first time you had sex, you got a pregnancy scare (tough one there, Brenda).

With that in mind, the producers of 90210 are aware that many expect the same, cheesy, Public Service Announcement-like story lines on the new series. But that would be a false expectation says co-executive producer Gabe Sachs.

"Look, we're not stupid," Sachs told CNN. "We know people are probably expecting a cheese fest and that's just not what we do."

90210 Cast Photo

Without knocking the original show, Sachs said he and partner Jeff Judah have something new in mind.

"The truth is, Jeff and I write how we write," he said. "Everything's got to come out of real emotion. We want to deal with issues and show consequences, but not the issue of the week and pound you over the head."

The young stars are happy about that. They're also fearful of the fame that awaits them.

"Things can take a turn, and you can get a big head, or get jaded," said Jessica Stroup. "The next two weeks, we're going to be unveiling more and more ads and everybody that we talk to is saying, 'Get ready, get ready.' And we're all like, 'Where are we going to hide?"'

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