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Jacqueline MacInnes Wood wasn't sure what to expect when she came onto the scene of The Bold and the Beautiful in the role of Steffy Forrester.

CBS.com recently asked the actress what it's been like so far on the show. Her reply...

Absolutely amazing. I love it. Every day I give myself a moment to just think, "Wow, you're living your dream. You're doing what you want and you're in L.A. and doing it on your own. It's crazy. How I started, it just happened so fast. I don't even know how long I've been here now--I think it's been a few months. I got in [to town] and The Bold and the Beautiful was actually my first audition in town. I know, I'm really lucky and it's crazy because I just said I'm going to come down here with the money I have in my pocket.

I knew nobody; I just did it. It was definitely something I wanted to do. I came down here and I got myself situated for two or three days and I said I want to start auditioning. My agent that I got here a few months beforehand, [helped me] book a lead on a Disney pilot. It didn't go [anywhere] so then it got me my agents here and I said, "Let's go; I'm ready."

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My first audition was this and that was the fourth day I was here. I'm still in shock about it. It's different from Toronto because you know all the casting directors. You know everybody because it's much smaller. Here, basically my friend left that day back to Toronto, they were just in for two days. I dropped them off at the airport and I thought, "Ok, where am I going?" I did my audition, I didn't know what role I was going in for, they keep that really hush-hush.

So I did my first audition, and knowing it was my first I was very prepared and after I came out I was like, "Ok, I rocked it." Whether I get it or not, I'm not going to say I'm going to book it but I felt good about it. Then I left and right when I got home I got a call saying we want you back tomorrow for a callback and I said, "Ok." So that's good, I'm in L.A. and I got my first callback.

And it's cool because it's in my history now. I at least got a callback. It's set in stone. I thought that was really cool and the next thing I knew, "You have a screentest" and after that it was, "You need to fly back to Canada and you need to get a visa and do all that stuff."

It was insane for that week. I was just waiting back in Windsor and we're three hours ahead, and finally I got the call and the next day came along and I had to book my flight last minute because I had to wait for my paperwork. I took a late flight out and by the next day I was shooting three episodes that day.

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