Jennie Garth Speaks on Dylan Development

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The most exciting development from last night's 90210 episode, of course, was that Dylan McKay is the father of Kelly's son, Sammy.

Jennie Garth spoke to People Magazine about the spilled secret after the show aired last night. Here are highlights from the interview:

What did you think when they told you Dylan was going to be the father?
It was very confusing for me because initially the idea of having a son was my idea. I thought it would bring a great amount of depth to my character. Then the question came up, ‘Well, who’s the father?’ And I really hadn’t thought it through that far. So, I was like, Oh, I guess need one of those. It’s gone back and forth: Who and what and when and why? I think they settled on Dylan because Kelly and Dylan had such a passionate relationship in the past. Their relationship was so heated. It was kind of undeniable.

Any chance Dylan will show up in a cameo?
I would love to work with Luke [Perry] again. I love him dearly. And I also would love to work with Jason [Priestley] again. It’s a great question for the producers. I would be nothing but totally happy to have either of them there.

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