Kelly's Baby's Daddy: To Be Revealed!

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For those who somehow were not planning on tuning in to tomorrow night's 90210 episode, follow this advice:

Change your mind!

90210 producer Gabe Sachs has said the identity of Kelly's baby's daddy will be revealed tomorrow night. His name will be dropped as Brenda and Kelly are having a serious conversation about his responsibilities.

In another twist, Saches added that there’s a “possibility” the baby’s father could appear on a future episode.

Kelly vs. Brenda

While the populay theory on our 90210 forum is that Dylan is the father, consider these facts:

  • The baby has curly blonde hair;
  • His name is Sam;
  • Steve Sanders' mom's name? Samantha.

Our money would still be on Dylan as the father - after all, Steve was last seen with a child of his own and a happy marriage to Janet - but the facts above have to make Kelly's first boyfriend at West Beverly an option, right?

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