Luke Perry is Seriously, Truly Not Coming Back to 90210

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Crazier things have happened, but Luke Perry is making it very clear that he will not be returning to 90210.

When pressed on the issue by Entertainment Tonight, the man that made Dylan McKay famous said he appreciated his experience on Beverly Hills 90210, but that it was time to move on:

"We put a lot of hard work into it and so did the writers and directors. When shows take off and become a part of the American psyche like that, there is a time when it is happening that you are resentful, because you had no idea it could get that big. But when you stop and look at the whole picture of your life, from that perspective, I am very proud of it.

It was fun. It gives you a neat relationship to the American public. It puts you on a closer basis with all kinds of people; the world could use a little more of that."

We'll certainly keep you apprised if Perry changes his mind.

Fans can maybe get excited about Tori Spelling coming back to 90210, at least.

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