Shannen Doherty Won't Screw 90210 Up!

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In a recent interview with The Los Angeles Times, Shannen Doherty made it clear that she won't be a problem on the set of 90210.

"I feel like I have this weird responsibility. I pushed and I tested those boundaries and there's a reason why I've been given so many chances," Doherty said.

So, how long will these new, mature Doherty remain on the show? She signed for four episodes, but producer Gabe Sachs said: "We're going to try to do as many as possible. We love her!"

Shannen Doherty Pic

Doherty is unsure. The actress has a show of her own she'd like to do, and has optioned a book she wants to direct and produce.

"I really, really, really have learned to value the downtime in my personal life," she said, adding: "I kind of want to see how the audience responds first. I don't want to overstay my welcome."

Audience response will begin tonight, as 90210 premiers at 8 p.m. Remember to come back here afterwards for the latest 90210 quotes and pictures from the episode!

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