Gossip Girl Fashion Breakdown: "Chuck in Real Life"

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The seventh episode of Season 2 of Gossip Girl, "Chuck in Real Life," featured, as usual, a virtual smorgasbord of high fashion selections.

Below, our Gossip Girl fashion contributor, the fabulous Liza L., breaks down the episode, telling us where we can get its amazing looks ...


Blair looked stylish as always in a unique Nodresscode dress, accessorized with a Pas Comme les Moutons headband ($100, here) and Nine West Hillara shoes ($79 here).

When looking at a person so confidently modish as Vanessa, it's hard to believe she's not the one in control of the game. Vanessa wears an Eskell Dahlia dress ($420, here) with a Gabriela de la Vega necklace ($890, here), Rosena Sammi Bacha Bracelet ($ 275, here), Alexis Bittar Pyramid ring ($150, here) and Jessica Simpson shoes (here).

Sexy V

Lily was beautiful and delighted in Chrisitan Louboutin Rosazissino feather shoes ($760, here) and an Armani Collezioni dress ($1,500, similar here).

While other characters were excited and busy because of the Bass-van der Woodsen party, Serena made a couple of casual fashion choices ...

For school: French Toast Plaid Pleated Skirt ($15, here), Rebecca Taylor cardigan ($395, here); Bryna Nicole Loyola in Violet ($539, here).

For the city: Rich & Skinny Sleek in Butterfinger Jeans ($80, here), Christian Louboutin Boots ($1,280 here, or £651, here); Apple iPhone ($200); And Cake Primary IKAT V-neck sweater ($286, here).

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