Nielsen Ranks Most Popular, Taped Shows on TV

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With the year winding down, you can be assured of two things: Christmas music up the wazoo, and top 10 lists of everything imaginable.

The folks at Nielsen have come through with a few lists of their own, starting with the most-watched shows on television this year:

  1. American Idol Tuesday
  2. American Idol Wednesday
  3. Dancing with the Stars
  4. Dancing with the Stars results
  5. The Mentalist
  6. NBC Sunday Night Football
  7. CSI
  8. NCIS
  9. 60 Minutes
  10. Survivor: Gabon
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Here's a look at the top 10 taped shows of the year, with the percentage increase in viewership they received from DVR and/or TiVO:

  1. Heroes: 35 percent
  2. Fringe:  26 percent
  3. Lost: 25 percent
  4. Bones: 21 percent
  5. Grey's Anatomy: 20 percent
  6. House: 18 percent
  7. Survivor: Gabon: 18 percent
  8. American Idol Tuesdays: 13 percent
  9. The Mentalist:  13 percent
  10. American Idol Wednesdays: 12 percent

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