Adrianna's Baby Daddy: Pretty Much Confirmed!

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So much for intrigue over the identity of Adrianna's baby daddy on 90210.

It was revealed this week that the recovering drug addict is totally preggers. But while she hinted at former rehab pal Hank as the likely father of her unplanned child, new spoilers make it clear that the father has already appeared on the show.

Adrianna Drama

From drugs to unplanned pregnancies, obstacles continue to mount for Adrianna on 90210.

When asked if she knew who knocked Adrianna up, Korbi from Zap2It wrote that it's:

Someone we know. Someone we haven't seen in a while. Someone who's super hot.

It's gotta be Ty Collins, right? The character - played by Jessica Lownes' real-life boyfriend Adam Gregory - has already been confirmed as returning to the show.

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