Trust Me Interviews: Tom Cavanagh and Eric McCormack

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EW recently sat down with the stars of TNT's new drama, Trust Me that premieres on Monday.  Tom Cavanagh and Eric McCormack told EW a little bit about the characters they're portraying and what it was like working with each other for the first time on Trust Me.  Here's an excerpt from the interview:

EW: Give me the sales pitch for your character.
Tom Cavanagh: Conner is a Lothario. He's not only the best-looking man ever to grace the small screen -- it's got nothing to do with me, he's just, like, so goodlookin' -- he's also the most intelligent person to ever grace the small screen. So I would say best-looking and most intelligent. Does that answer your question? Are you doing the reporter pause where you wait for the actor to then feel like he needs to give a real answer? NOT HAPPENING.
Eric McCormack: What I like about Mason is that he's a little hen-pecked. He's a little worried about money. He's a regular guy, who has been given some power and suddenly has to swim in shark-infested waters and learn how to discover his inner a--hole. [EW: Tom basically said he thinks Mason is hotter and smarter.] (Laughs) I think that's exactly what Tom thinks.

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EW: What have you learned working with your costar that you didn't know about him before?
Cavanagh: Apart from the serial killer thing, nothing. Not a thing. I think everyone suspected that about him anyway, right? Here's the thing: Eric and I are both Canadian. How do you get 200 Canadians out of the pool? "Will all the Canadians please get out of the pool?" He is a very, very good Canadian... Though, suffice it to say my hockey knowledge is slightly more advanced than his [Cavanagh played in college]. At the same time, we can both really hold our own when it comes to discussions on musical theater [both have done Broadway]. You can't peg us, Mandi.
McCormack: I guess that he's just got the one testicle. You know, he still does pretty well. [EW: He went with a serial killer line for you.] Did he? (Laughs) No, I think the nicest discovery was that all the rumors that he was a total a--hole were a little exaggerated.

You can read the rest of the interview at EW.

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