Aimee Teegarden Dishes on Rhonda

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90210 spoiler alert!

If you haven't watched last night's episode, don't read any of this interview with Aimee Teegarden.

The actress that portrays new character Rhonda recently spoke to The Los Angeles Times about the show's latest developments:

Q: How did you react when you found out that Rhonda puts the moves on Ethan?
A: It was surprising. I read that they kiss and thought, ‘What are they talking about?’ It was a little weird. I don’t know. I think kissing is totally weird on stage or in front of cameras. I wasn’t quite expecting it so fast. Like, dang, Rhonda gets down to business! She gets the come-hither look in her eyes. It was kind of shocking originally, but then I kind of enjoyed the fact that she becomes so upfront about it, more so than I would be.

Q: Do you think Ethan is attracted to her?
A: I think Ethan is very attracted to Rhonda. I think Rhonda’s kind of amazing!

Q: At first Rhonda's this poor sweet thing and then she’s on the prowl! What do you make of that?
A: I think she’s been hiding in the shadows and all of a sudden she has this opportunity. I’m sure she’s had a crush on Ethan for years and years, sitting behind him every day, and now she finally has this opportunity to just really talk to him. It’s escalated because they’re both going through new things, new beginnings, and really opening their eyes to the world.

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