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Zuzanna Szadkowski plays the Waldforf's loyal maid, Dorota, on Gossip Girl. But despite her silly uniform, her character has become so much more than a servant.

Leighton Meester's Blair Waldorf relies on her as a sounding board, accomplice and shoulder to cry on - and Dorota has evolved into a cult heroine on the show.

Like Dorota, Szadkowski said she only wants the best for Blair and her steamy, on-again, off-again relationship with the show's resident cad, Chuck Bass.

"I would love to see Miss Blair happy in the Blair and Chuck relationship," she told MTV. "That's the most important thing to Dorota. Chuck has his charms and he also has a few lessons to learn in life, so hopefully the two of them keep having the sparks."

Like her character Dorota, Zuzanna Szadkowski is Polish. The actress was born there and moved to America when she was only three, so she doesn't actually speak with the stilted accent used in so many great Gossip Girl quotes.

Blair, Harold, Dorota

Zuzanna Szadkowski with John Shea (Harold Waldorf) and Leighton Meester (Blair Waldorf) on the Central Park set of Gossip Girl this winter. [Photo: Splash News]

"I was born in Poland, so I am able to identify with her that way. The accent is modeled after people in my own family, so hopefully I am doing it justice," she said.

"My family loves it and I know that in Poland, Gossip Girl has a lot of fans. We now have Poland represented on the Upper East Side!"

Dorota's always at Blair's beck and call, but how would she deal with the drama of being the Queen B of Constance if she were in B's shoes?

"Everything that Dorota knows she learned from Miss Blair," Szadkowski demurred, "so we probably would have a similar attack."

As much as her role has grown this season, Szadkowski is almost certain that the show won't be giving her a love interest anytime soon.

"I imagine that's not so likely," she said. "But Dorota is surrounded by so many good-looking fellas, and none of them available, so ..."

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