Gossip Girl Round Table: "Carrnal Knowledge"

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As fans venture to our Carrnal Knowledge" include memorable quotes, the next step for Chair, Nate and Vanessa, and when we will finally meet the mysterious Andrew ...


1. What was your favorite Gossip Girl quote from the episode?

DANdy: Blair's motivating speech to her minions: "What we do here today echoes through eternity. Who's with me?" Move over, William Wallace!

Mister Meester: A tie between Blair's claim that she "befriended a family of squirrels" and Nelly Yuki immediately clamoring for a contraband phone to "check the Dow." We'd have pegged Nelly for a NASDAQ investor, but point taken.

Gossip Guy: I totally have to give to my boy Dan for when he called Jenny out on her old makeup with, "I'm glad you're not wearing that raccoon makeup anymore, because you looked like one of the Incredibles." It may be my ego, but I like to think the Gossip Girl writers are reading our site and giving us little inside jokes. We appreciate it.

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2. Nate and Vanessa: Kind of cute, totally useless or both?

DANdy: Totally useFUL... if this had been an hour-long infomercial for dental hygiene. The couple spent more time laughing over one-liners less funny than season five Entourage quotes than they did talking.

Mister Meester: A little of both. I don't hate them on principle like some people I know, but these two are trying way too hard to be this perfect, cute, funny happy-go-lucky couple. Tone it down. You're not making anyone green with NV.

Gossip Guy: Totally useless. Personally I thought Nate was being cute with the little joke of sending the mask, but I think when you send it to Vanessa all humor and cuteness instantly convert to uselessness. And from the Gossip Girl spoilers I've read, you're wasting your efforts on this little hussy. Please, Vanessa. Like you could do better than Nate.

3. Who acted more inappropriately: Blair for smearing Dan and Rachel on Gossip Girl, or Rachel for befriending/flirting/acting totally unprofessional with students?

Mister Meester: Obviously Rachel, but Blair's actions do make for an interesting discussion of two points: 1. Is posting anonymous rumors about someone online really slander? 2. If Gossip Girl has become so big that the Constance board is holding meetings about her, how is she (or he) still anonymous? And does the site post just anything?

Gossip Guy: Umm Rachel, Rachel, and Rachel. I'm glad Rufus finally confirmed what I was thinking... even if nothing happened between Dan and Rachel, her actions were way inappropriate. Meeting with students late at night and going on dates? I don't care how cute she is, it's just wrong. Blair, you just did what any Queen B should do, exact revenge.

DANdy: Rachel. Just because you're cute and from out of town doesn't mean you should be flirting with students.

4. Is this it for Derena or will they give it a fourth (fifth? We've lost count) try?

Gossip Guy: I'm sorry, I'm kind of done with Derena at this point. Dan, you finally get back the supposed girl of your dreams and you're acting this way with little miss teacher? I'm sorry, but Rachel may be cute, but Serena is gorgeous. You're seriously this dumb? I'm done supporting Derena and I'm down to just my Chair that I can hope and pray for.

DANdy: I hope it's over. Serena needs to find a man more open to sex tapes.

Mister Meester: I've always been a Derena fan, but this isn't working. If it's not one thing, it's another, and neither are secure enough in what they want or who they are. Perhaps much later they can be together, but as things stand right now it's not happening.

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Dan and Serena before they broke up ... again.

5. What will become of Chuck Bass and his mystery nanny-escort?

Gossip Guy: I think Chuck is going to be fine in all this and even get invited to this uber secret cool society. Now the mystery nanny-escort? I think she's a goner.

DANdy: At the very, very least, a posting on Gossip Girl; if only so the headline can read: Bass and Random Hottie: What the Elle?!?

Mister Meester: Are we supposed to believe Elle was offed because she allowed an outsider into this club? Whether she has been or not, expect Chuck to try to unravel this mystery and possibly get in over his head.


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