Gossip Girl Season 2 Episode 17 Rewatch: Carrnal Knowledge

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After seeing that breathtakingly beautiful photo of a pregnant Blake Lively, I decided to kick my butt into gear for all you GG Fanatics and pony up some rewatch reviews!

Next up on our list? Gossip Girl Season 2 Episode 17, also known to many of you as that story arc where Dan brings new meaning to the word "teacher's pet."

Miss Carr was introduced in Gossip Girl Season 2 Episode 16, but she wasn't quite inappropriate and pissing everyone off until the following episode.

When a young new teacher showed up who actually showed interest in Serena's academic potential, I really wanted to like her. She was new and lost in New York City and the mean girls had it out for her. 

It didn't take much to get on Blair Waldorf's bad side, but this then-innocent woman was unaccustomed to Upper East Side minions and the Queen B. That said, she displayed a pretty impressive set of balls and stood her ground to Blair and Headmistress Queller.

As we opened up the episode watching Blair watch Dorota pick up trash in Central Park as community service, we knew Blair bear was only biding her time until striking with revenge. Although the minions were hesitant to join her, the second the cell phone ban went up they lined up like dutiful soldiers poised for battle.

Miss Queller: New school policy. There will be no cell phone usage during school hours. Every morning before you enter the building you will check your phones.
Blair: Is this a joke?
Penelope: I feel nauseous.
Hazel: Pinch me. I'm in my own worst nightmare.

With Dorota providing back up mobile devices, Blair started a rumor about Dan and Miss Carr. Then it turned into a self-fulfilling prophecy when the episode ended with Dan showing up at her apartment and them getting it on. 

I'd just like to say that watching this episode with someone who didn't follow the show and needed a back story, helped remind me of my favorite Gossip Girl rewatch question to ask: What does this mean if Dan was really GG the whole time?

Well it means he got access to an illegal phone as well and then posted a rumor about him flirting with a teacher. Then he turned around and scolded Blair, had another inappropriate meeting with said teacher, tried to "comfort her," and then let his dad take up for him against the school. Oh and all behind Serena's back!

Was Serena justified in sending that picture? Let's not lie, I think we all probably would've done the same thing. 

Also it has to be said, Nelly Yuki you are a huge narc and did not deserve that contraband cell phone.

Elsewhere Chuck had some weird Eyes Wide Shut storyline that stupidly reappeared in Gossip Girl season 5 with Elizabeth Hurley and an undead Bart Bass. I barely even remember the end result because that was the worst season of all time and I've scrubbed it from my memory.

Nate: So, the Ultimate Gentlemen's Club was here? Because this place reminds me my aunt's house.
Chuck: This was the place. I know it.

On the plus side, it made Nate get creative and Vanessa got a sexy little evening out of it. Go Nate!

What did you think of "Carrnal Knowledge"? Did Miss Carr and Dan get what they deserved? Go watch Gossip Girl online via TV Fanatic to relive more memorable episodes.

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