Brittany Snow to Star in Gossip Girl Spinoff: Confirmed!

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According to sources, it looks as though Star's report that former American Dreams actress Brittany Snow has been cast in the lead role of Lily van der Woodsen (Rhodes) in the forthcoming Gossip Girl spinoff is indeed accurate.

"Brittany is thrilled," a friend of the actress says.

"She loves the original show and thinks the 1980s concept sets the Gossip Girl spin-off apart from other series on television. She can't wait to wear all the fabulous outfits and really sink her teeth into the role."

Brittany Snow - who has appeared in movies including Hairspray and John Tucker Must Die - was the top choice for producers, who thought she would be the perfect choice for the part of young Lily, played on Gossip Girl by Kelly Rutherford.

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She was reportedly offered the role without an audition.

"Brittany always thought she was going to continue her career in films," a source said.

"But this is a marvelous part and she just couldn't say no. This has the potential to be a huge show in the tradition of Melrose Place."

The "backdoor pilot" introducing the show will air as part of the Gossip Girl episode May 11 (episode 2.24, which will air one week before the Season 2 finale).

UPDATE: Michael Ausiello of more-reliable EW reports that Snow has indeed emerged as the front-runner for the role, though it is not 100 percent official.

SECOND UPDATE: Krysten Ritter, who will play Lily's sister Carol Rhodes on the show, confirms to E! that "They just cast Brittany Snow. It's definitely official, and I think I'm the first one to know that. It wasn't official earlier, I saw on the Internet, but now it is official."

What do you think? Can you see Snow as young Lily? Is she a good fit for the Gossip Girl spinoff role, or would you have preferred another?

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