Desperate Housewives Spoilers: Dave Confirms a Murder

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While Neal McDonough had previously been quiet about on Edie's death on the show, Neal recently dropped some very serious hints to Access Hollywood.

According to an interview he did on their "The Billy Bush Show," Neal said, "I had to do something nasty to my wife in the show."

He further goes on to say "Before this, people knew who I was but now it’s, ‘You’re the son of a bitch who messed with Mrs. McClusky, you’re the guy who’s killing Edie.'"

Weird, he said killing and not killed.  We're going to assume that he worded himself vaguely on purpose.  Neal then further hinted that Dave had some more killing but then said, "I’m not saying who I’m whacking."

Dave, Katherine and Mike Camping

He did at least admit Mike was safe in this Sunday's hunting episode, "A Spark. To Pierce the Dark."

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