Kelly Rutherford Trying to Stay Positive

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She may be going through a nasty divorce with estranged husband Daniel Giersch, but Kelly Rutherford is staying positive and focusing on being a parent.

"I'm doing great," the pregnant actress told People.

Asked about how she remains upbeat despite the struggles in her personal life, she says, "I'm doing so well because I know I'm making the right decision."

K. Rutherford

"I love my son so much and he's loved by both us - his father and I - greatly," she added. "My greatest joy in life right now is being a mom."

In January, a Los Angeles court sided with Rutherford, allowing the star to take son, Hermes, 2, to N.Y. City, where her show is filmed, until the end of March.

Giersch strongly objected, saying his home in L.A. offers a more stable environment. Still, he said he and Kelly would work to create a stable life for Hermes.

Rutherford says she has been making the most of being able to split her time on both coasts with her son while she films with the Gossip Girl cast.

"I get the best of both worlds. I get a little New York, I get a little Los Angeles and so does my son, which is fantastic. As long as there's a lot of love there, you can get through very tough times."

Set to give birth to a baby girl in June as her divorce battle continues, the 40-year-old is already prepping Hermes for his role as big brother.

"I talked about him being a big brother and what that's going to mean and he gets excited about it," she says. "He loves it, he rubs my belly, he talks to the belly, it's very sweet."

And while she hasn't experienced any crazy cravings, Kelly Rutherford finds herself missing a few things – like margaritas! "I can't wait to have a margarita at some point, chips and a margarita, [and] sushi," she says.

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