Exclusive Gossip Girl Spoilers: Season Two Finale

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Wow. It was an intense, emotional screening of the Season Two finale at the Gossip Girl Insider office. Suffice it to say, it got a little dusty in here at the end, while the floors may have been dented from all the jaws dropping left and right.

Because this is the final episode until August 31 (Season 3 premiere!), and because so much happens, we're not posting a full recap before the show airs this time.

Delayed gratification, people. Patience. It will be worth it. We promise. In the meantime, we present you with the following hints, teases and Gossip Girl spoilers:

  • A couple gets engaged ... and stoned.
  • Carter Baizen makes a surprise appearance.
  • Vanessa will definitely be around next season.
  • Reluctantly, J decides she wants to rule the school.
  • When Serena tries to unmask Gossip Girl, it backfires. Hard.
  • We find out Blair's roommate at NYU, and it's someone we know.
  • While Jack Bass does not appear in the episode, he still plays a role.
  • Someone we know - a dude - is falsely accused of being Gossip Girl.
  • We now know what brought Serena to Santorini ... or more accurately, who.
  • Chuck Bass is branded a coward by Gossip Girl in the blogger's shocking graduation blast, and for a while, he certainly lives up to the billing.
  • Lily and Rufus' long-lost love child, Scott, is alive, well, and in New York. No one knows his identity yet, but he has something up his sleeve.
  • At no point in the episode does the following scene occur. Props to Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage for thinking up and pulling off this ruse!
Blair and ...

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