Gossip Girl Spoilers: Season Finale, Spinoff Scoop

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Below are some Gossip Girl spoilers from E! Online's spoiler Q&A this morning. Here's some scoop on the season finale, as well as the upcoming spinoff series ...

Q: What can you tell us about the Gossip Girl finale?

A: Chuck and Blair! What else is there to say? OK, how about that the spawn of Rufus and Lily will be played by an unknown - extrapolate from that what you will about said spawn's future on the show. Of course, nobody had ever heard of Jessica Szohr before Gossip Girl, and now she's a big star with endorsement deals and everything.

Q: Does Serena do any damage to Gossip Girl when she tries to out her in the finale?

A: No, not really. Gossip Girl escapes Serena's attack relatively unscathed - but then again, nobody effs with Kristen Bell and gets away with it.

Lily VDW

Q: I know it's not really called Lily, but is there anything new to spill on the spinoff?

A: Kelly Rutherford shared an awesome-sounding bit of info on the tentatively titled show: "I just went in recently did a bit of a voice-over, like a Wonder Years kind of thing where I'm looking back on my life. I don't know if they'll use it, but I was able to see some of it, and it looked fantastic." There you have it! Gossip Girl plus Wonder Years equals amazing!

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