Teresa Giudice Loves Her Ass, Hates Danielle Staub

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On an upcoming episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Teresa Giudice can't hide her resentment for Danielle Staub.

According to reports, the former flips a table over in the direction of the latter.

"That's normally not me, but I guess when I'm pushed to a certain level…" Teresa told E! News. "I'm so sweet. I have a heart of gold and I'm really a great person."

In our experience, you need to be most careful around those that insist they are great people.

Teresa Giudice Pic

Aside from her personality, Giudice spoke on her most valuable asset.

"[My husband] loves my butt. I always did have a big butt. Do you remember that song back in the day? There was a song that had my name in it: ‘Teresa's got a big ol' butt.' Everybody in high school used to sing that to me. Everybody liked my ass."

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