Jessica Szohr, Joanna Garcia Discuss New Gossip Girl Season

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Season 3 of Gossip Girl, which began filming last month, will include even more twists than the previous two, says Jessica Szohr (Vanessa Abrams).

“It’s like a new chapter in everyone’s life,” Szohr told People at an event last night in New York City. “We’re all off to college, we’re working."

"There’s a lot of guest stars coming on, new relationships are formed.”

In addition to Hilary Duff, former Privileged star Joanna Garcia will play a new love interest for heartthrob Chace Crawford (Nate Archibald).

Garcia plays a Texas socialite who rivals Nate in wealth and status - and may be off-limits: “We have sort of a Romeo and Juliet love story,” she says.

While love blooms on set, off-screen romances between Blake Lively and Penn Badgley and Szohr and Ed Westwick make the cast a tight-knit bunch.

But Garcia said the group has welcomed her with open arms.

Jessica Szohr, Joanna Garcia

“I was really nervous coming in,” says Joanna Garcia, who is currently slated to appear in four episodes. “[But] they’ve been so warm and welcoming and lovely. It’s been so nice. They’ve been making me feel like New York isn’t such a big city.”

Things won’t bet getting so warm and fuzzy on screen, however, as Jessica Szohr says there are plenty of surprises in store on Gossip Girl.

“Someone ends up not being who they say they are,” the 24-year-old actress reveals. “It’s just lots and lots of drama and crazy stuff.”

Also crazy: Gossip Girl’s fans, who clamor to catch a glimpse of the hot young cast while they’re shooting on location in the Big Apple.

“It’s been nuts. I don’t know what’s happened over our break,” Jessica Szohr says.

“None of us have ever seen it like how it’s been. But it’s a good thing. We’re blessed to be working on a fun show with cool people in New York.”

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