Blake Hood to See, Photograph Annie Wilson Naked

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When 90210 wrapped up its first season in May, Annie appeared to be in major trouble: she ran someone over and fled the scene.

But that's not the only issue this character will face when new episodes begin this week. Annie will be involved a nude photo scandal! Here's how it will go down:

Wilson will hook up with Mark Driscoll at a beach club party, a high school football player played by Blake Hood. As the little-known actor told E! News about the development:

"We get together and I do something I shouldn't have done. I take a picture of her that I probably shouldn't have taken and oops, guess what? It gets around a little bit."

Don't be surprised if Naomi gets a hold of the photo and blackmails her former friend with it. Juicy!

Blake Hood

Despite his part he plays in the storyline, Hood says his character tries to help Annie get through the scandal.

"It's definitely a relationship that kind of sticks around for a while," Hood said. "He's a good guy who has done a couple of bad things, has made some mistakes."

90210 kicks off tomorrow night. Discuss the new season in our forum!

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