Bored to Death Recap: "The Alanon Case"

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In the second episode of Bored to Death, Jonathan tries to repair his relationship with Suzanne.

His second client is a woman named Jennifer who believes her boyfriend, Gary, is cheating on her.  

Jonathan, fast on Gary's tail, indeed finds him with another woman, but this outcome has quite the unexpected surprise.

Find out what happens next by reading our full summary of "The Alanon Case".

Ray and Jonathan

Here are some of our favorite quotes from this week's episode of Bored to Death...

Jonathan: God, that's the biggest herpes blister I've ever seen in my life.
George: Thank you. I'm very proud of it. | permalink
Jonathan: Oh my God, what the hell happened to your lip? You were stung by a bee?
George: Yes. A bee with herpes. | permalink
Jonathan: 'I love you more than you know. Jonathan.'
Suzanne: That was a nice note. But you don't have to read your name in the end.
Jonathan: I know. I'm very literal-minded. You know that. | permalink
George: Nobody's really loved for themselves. Are they? I mean, all love is projection. | permalink
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