NCIS Recap: "Reunion"

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Tuesday night's NCIS, which picked up right after last week's gripping season premiere, found the team hunting for clues as to who committed a grisly triple homicide.

It turns out three marines nabbed a plane scheduled for decommissioning and were going to sell it, then were offed. But by whom? A Baltimore cop who held a grudge?

Not so much, it turned out. But who killed them then?

Meanwhile, Ziva is back in Washington - but did she pass her psych evaluations - and more importantly her Gibbs evaluations - to get herself back on the NCIS team?

Click here for our full episode recap of "Reunion."

Gibba and Ziva

Here are some of our favorite NCIS quotes from last night ...

Gibbs: One body isn't enough for you, tough guy? Because if it isn't, I've got three more right here! | permalink
Tony: How long have you been standing there?
Ziva: Long enough to see that you are well-hydrated after your time in the desert. | permalink
Tony: This kind of stuff is illegal in most states. In certain parts of Europe it's ... this is bad behavior. | permalink
McGee: What are you doing? I'm not the sidekick.
Tony: I'm the boss when Gibbs isn't here.
Gibbs: Gibbs is here. | permalink
Ziva: Hello, Abby.
Abby: WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU? How could you have doubted Tony, after everything you've been through together? You really think Tony killed Rivkin because he was jealous?! You weren't thinking. That's right, you weren't thinking. Although I supposed I can understand your initial reaction. You were at an emotional time for you, when people act rashly. But to tell Gibbs that you didn't trust Tony?! Which again, I can understand, I mean, he did just shoot your boyfriend... in your living room... to death. Alright, I'll give you that. | permalink

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