Parks and Recreation Recap & Quotes: "Pawnee Zoo"

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The life of a small-town deputy parks supervisor can be trying.

Sometimes, things go according to plan. Other times, a "marriage" ceremony of two penguins designed to bring people to the zoo becomes a gay marriage issue.

Welcome to the world of NBC's Parks and Recreation.

To hear how Leslie Knope's intentions backfired, check out our recap of Thursday night's "Pawnee Zoo." Then see some of the best lines from the episode below ...

Pawnee Pride

Who knew that marrying two gay penguins could cause so much trouble.

Check out our complete library of Parks and Recreation quotes from this and every episode of the new NBC comedy. Some of our favorite lines from last night were:

Mark: I hit rock bottom that night. I mean I literally fell to the bottom of a pit and hit a rock. I remember laying there thinking, there's probably a good reason why I'm down here. And then I remember thinking I need morphine. | permalink
Leslie: The thing about youth culture is that I don't understand it. | permalink
Ron: Leslie. Some guy who owns a gay bar sent you a cake.
Leslie: Pawnee has a gay bar?
Ron: The Bulge. It's behind my house.
Leslie: The Bulge is a gay bar? The nights I've wasted there ... | permalink
Leslie: I know you're not gay.
Tom: No, I'm not.
Leslie: But you're effeminate.
Tom: What?
Leslie: Well, you're wearing a peach shirt with a coiled snake on it.
Tom: That's because it was featured in Details magazine, and it's awesome. | permalink
Leslie: Chimpanzees are very smart, so we had them graduate from college. They like to throw their feces, so we were hoping they would throw their hats. But they just threw their feces. | permalink

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