Exclusive Gossip Girl Spoilers: "Dan de Fleurette"

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A new Gossip Girl airs in 12 hours. But because we know you love some spoilers, and because Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage are so awesome and sent us an advance copy of the episode, we've got a few teasers for you now.

Here's what you can expect in "Dan de Fleurette" ...

  • Hilary Duff and Tyra Banks' characters star in a movie called Fleur. The CW even set up a website for the faux film (screen shot below).
  • This is only our opinion, but Hilary was actually pretty cool. As for Tyra? She's not a good actress, but you can laugh at her at least.
  • Dan, Nate, Vanessa and Serena all have run-ins with Olivia Burke (Duff), but only D has no clue who she is. Always the last to know.
  • Olivia, who's at NYU trying to live a normal college life, likes Dan because she can be herself around him. But when he does find out ...
  • Lily is far from pleased that S isn't going to Brown. S gets a job (gasp!) to prove to L that she's not just deferring college to party. She ends up working with one of the Fleur stars, and actually comes through!
  • Nate and Eric have only a few scenes but are both awesome.
  • Scott appears in the episode only briefly, and you won't believe who he's about to meet up with at a restaurant in Boston.
  • Jenny tries to issue a decree of egalitarianism at school. Freedom for all! This backfires as word gets back to Blair that the system of hierarchy she worked so hard to instill is being threatened by the new queen.
  • Speaking of Blair, she is having a really hard time fitting in at NYU and resorts to extreme, semi-pathetic measures to feel like her old self. Luckily, by the end she's set straight and embarks on a new quest.
  • While there is limited Chuck and Blair interaction, he does play a pivotal role in her story line, and the few scenes they have together will likely make you melt. Seriously. We're talking MAJOR swoon alert!

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