Brothers & Sisters Review: "Pregnant Pause"

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Unlike some episodes of Brothers & Sisters, there were just two main stories last night (not 5-6), with all of the characters all involved in them one way or the other.

Click here for a full recap of "Pregnant Pause." Below, we've written a brief review of the characters' story lines and why they worked or didn't do it for us this week...

Holly, Nora, Simon, Kitty and Sarah: Holly's broke and David lays it out for her: either scale back Justin and Rebecca's wedding or ask Nora for help paying for it.

This was predictable, but cute when they came to an understanding at the end. Maybe Nora was just more relaxed because of all the hot, shower sex she's having.

Watching Kitty's reaction, and then Sarah's and Kevin's, to the image of their mom getting her freak on was priceless. Walker phone trees never cease to amuse.

Be it out of jealousy or just plain intuition, Sarah starts Googling Simon to dig up dirt on her mom's new man. She "digs up" two malpractice suits against him.

Nora says she's well aware of it and accuses Sarah of being jealous. Also predictable, but a nice mother-daughter moment. Sarah gives Nora her blessing ... for now.

At the end, Kevin's been drinking the conspiracy Kool-Aid and looks into the lawsuits, saying he thinks Simon got his medical license revoked. To be continued ...

Big Toast

Justin's Bachelor party was, as Robert put it, possibly the gayest ever.

Rebecca, Justin, Robert, Saul and Kevin: Scotty and Kevin have to harvest their sperm for the surrogacy and Scotty's "wins." Kevin, Mr. Type A, is not pleased he lost.

Robert throws Justin a bachelor party, but the 2,000-pund elephant in the room is that Rebecca hasn't told him about the baby and Kitty found out and told her husband.

A slightly smaller elephant? Justin got his midterm grades and they are bad. Without thinking, he has a glass of champagne at the bachelor party and Kevin freaks out.

Typical Kevin, getting too uptight. This felt a little forced, but with everyone on edge, maybe it made sense. Justin leaves and Robert spills to the guys about the baby.

Finally, Justin and Rebecca talk. He confesses about the drink (but not his grades) and she blurts out that she's pregnant. Are these two really so bad at communication?

Justin can't believe she told David and Kitty before him. Again, would Rebecca even pull this? It felt a little unrealistic. Rebecca tells Holly she wants to keep it. Will Justin?

The best moment of the night came when Robert talked to him about how people lie just to cope sometimes - as he did with Kitty's shaved head and her cancer. So true.

Justin then asks if it's an appropriate lie to say you want to have a baby when you don't. Even Robert won't touch that one, but he's made his point many times over.

When Rebecca and Justin talk again, he says he feels overwhelmed but that he wants the baby too. Was he lying, or did he come around? A little of both, perhaps?

We don't know, and that's the point.

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Robert: Did your mother pass away last night?
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