Brothers & Sisters Round Table: "Pregnant Pause"

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As we noted earlier in our review of "Pregnant Pause," Brothers & Sisters is building up to the Rebecca-Justin nuptials with a series of potentially damaging developments.

It's also delivering great lines and Walker family moments week after week.

Below, our staff members analyze and discuss some of last night's developments in our Brothers & Sisters Round Table. Here's our panel's take on some key topics:

1. What was your favorite Brothers & Sisters quote from the episode?

The Barnacle: Kevin, nonchalantly to Sarah: "I’m not at work. I’m waiting for my husband to finish masturbating." Even funnier? Her basically not batting an eye.

Dr. Shepherd: Robert saying that he threw Justin "the gayest bachelor party ever." That sounds negative, but when married gay men dominate the conversation with an argument over whose sperm should be given to their surrogate, it's literally true!

M.L. House: Kitty: "We always have milk! The North Ridge Earthquake, El Niño, the LA Riots. We always have milk!" Annoying and dramatic, yes. But if we were to see our widowed mom getting her freak on in the shower, we might have reacted simiarly.

Brothers & Sisters Round Table

2. Most fun to watch squirm in an uncomfortable situation: Kevin, Sarah or Holly?

M.L. House: I loved the inevitable Holly-Nora clash over the wedding and money, but I really liked Holly confiding in her one-time rival that she can't get over the idea of being a grandmother. Bad blood may still exist, but they try, which it's what families do.

Dr. Shepherd: Of course Kevin. The guy can't "lose" at anything without taking it way too personally ... even if Scotty's boys give them a better chance of conception.

The Barnacle: Naturally Sarah was just being jealous in how she was determined to unmask Nora's new man. You gotta love meddling Sarah. At least she came around, telling mom "you were doin’ somethin’ that was feelin’ good, so go with it." Rachel Griffiths rules.

3. Should we be suspicious of Simon?

The Barnacle: I don't buy it, but we're being led to for a reason. You knew it was too good to be true for Nora. Simon (Jon Tenney) must have ulterior motives. The only question is whether his feelings for her are real now, even if they weren't at the beginning.

M.L. House: Not sure yet, but expect more Walker phone trees as the amateur detectives get to the bottom of it. That's consistently the most entertaining part of the show.

Dr. Shepherd: It's an interesting wrinkle: dating the founder of a home for cancer patients to help his disgraced reputation? Perhaps Sarah's intuition was dead on after all.

4. What will happen at Rebecca and Justin's wedding?

The Barnacle: The way Rebecca sprung the baby news on Justin, you've gotta wonder where this guy's head is at this point - not only with being a dad, but with school. Sadly, I think he's too big of a head case right now and these nuptials aren't happening. At least not yet.

M.L. House: My favorite part of last night's episode was Justin and Robert's talk at the end, in which he explained his reasons for lying to Kitty. As Robert says, sometimes we do what gets us through the day. But can Justin keep it bottled up and get through next week?

Dr. Shepherd: The Brothers & Sisters spoilers I've read (and the promos) make it clear Tommy is coming. But there's gotta be more to this "emotional" episode than that. My money's on Rebecca possibly having a miscarriage. Sad, but good mid-season cliffhanger material.

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I'm not at work. I'm waiting for my husband to finish masturbating.


Robert: Did your mother pass away last night?
Kitty: Au contraire. I just walked in on her and Simon. In the shower. Together. Naked.
Robert: Good for her! It's a new day in Pasadena.