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Holly & David

David lays it out for Holly: either scale back the wedding or ask Nora for help. Holly has to go to Nora, who wants to "help" with the plans. Holly storms off.

Of course, Nora brings her a check and they make up. Nora swears no one will know about the money and that they have to learn to trust each other.

Sarah, Nora & Simon, Kitty & Robert

Nora's having sex in the shower and Kitty discovers it, horrifyingly for her. Her first call is to Sarah, naturally. Kevin calls and gets in on it, then Justin.

Sarah is totally jealous of Nora's new boy-toy. Probably because she's coveting him for herself. She hides her jealousy in a fit of "something's fishy about this guy" and "digs up" on the internet two malpractice suits against him.

More on that shortly.

Rebecca & Justin

Rebecca still won't 'fess up about the baby. When Kitty goes dress shopping with Rebecca, the dress won't fit anymore. Kitty figures it out and Rebecca begs her not to tell.

Meanwhile, Justin gets his midterm grades and they are not good, and he's very depressed. So he has a glass of champagne at the bachelor party and Kevin freaks.

Justin leaves and while he's gone, Robert spills about the baby. Saul goes to talk to Justin and he confesses about the bad grades and says he misses Rebecca.

At Rebecca's wedding meeting with the girls, Nora and Kitty are being totally weird about their secrets and Rebecca storms off. Simon shows up and Sarah grills him.

She tells Nora about the malpractice suits and Nora says she already knows, and that it's quite unfair for Sarah to take her broken heart out on Nora.

Finally, Justin and Rebecca talk and he confesses about the drink and she freaks and just blurts out that he's going to be a father. It's a tense moment.

Justin can't believe she told David and Kitty before him and when he storms out, he realizes everybody knows but Holly. So he tells Holly and leaves.

Robert talks some sense to him about how people lie just to cope sometimes and that he should decide if he wants to be a father.

Holly talks to Rebecca about it, assuring her that she loves her and is proud of her no matter what. Rebecca wants to keep the baby.

When she and Justin finally talk, he says he feels overwhelmed. She says she wants the baby and Justin says he wants it too.

Scotty & Kevin

The guys have to go harvest their sperm for the surrogacy. Scotty's sperm wins the sperm count test ... sorry Kevin!

Meanwhile, Kevin goes to Sarah about the lawsuits, saying he thinks Simon got his medical license revoked ...

Brothers & Sisters
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Brothers & Sisters Season 4 Episode 9 Quotes

I'm not at work. I'm waiting for my husband to finish masturbating.


Robert: Did your mother pass away last night?
Kitty: Au contraire. I just walked in on her and Simon. In the shower. Together. Naked.
Robert: Good for her! It's a new day in Pasadena.