Cougar Town Review: "Two Gunslingers"

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When this week's episode of Cougar Town, "Two Gunslingers," started off with a line about Bobby being gone we already set ourselves up for disappointment.  Bobby has become one of our favorite characters, especially when combined with Andy, and heck, even Grayson.

However, we have to hand it to the rest of the Cougar Town cast,  especially the ladies, for managing to still put together a good episode.  Jules dragged her friends to a resort for her 41st birthday, and Ellie and Laurie treated us to some of their best bickering we love so.

Jules and Trent

Meanwhile, Travis was left home alone, but with Grayson watching over him.  Seeing these two awkwardly interact, including Travis blackmailing Grayson was pretty entertaining.  Unfortunately, the hilarious Andy only had a few brief scenes.

Hopefully next week, the dynamic duo of Andy and Bobby make their triumphant return.  Until then, here are some of our favorite Cougar Town quotes from the episode:

Jules: Hey resort Trent, you're even cuter out of your uniform.
Trent: I'm gay.
Jules: Just go with it, Trent. Come on, I'm trying to scrape together a fantasy here. If I can be Resort Jules, you can be Straight Trent.
Trent: I was Straight Trent for sixteen years.
Jules: Great! What's another hour? | permalink
Grayson: Your mom said, "no girls."
Kylie: It's okay, I'll just get my stuff.
Travis: Do you know what her stuff is? It's flavored lip gloss and an over-sizes t-shirt for when she gets, quote, tired and snuggly. | permalink

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