Modern Family Preview: "Fizbo"

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We've only seen a couple scenes from the upcoming episode of Modern Family, "Fizbo," but we can already guarantee it's going to be one of best in the series' short history.

The episode centers around Luke's birthday party and that means we're getting the whole crazy family together, including Cameron dressed as Fizbo, his clown alterego.

Don't believe us?  We have episode stills and clips to prove just how funny this episode will be.  Be warned though, some of the pictures do give away minor spoilers.

Fizbo Brings the Cake
Cameron as Fizbo
Luke at the Hospital
Jay, Luke and Crossbow
Manny to the Rescue

To watch two clips from the episode, follow the jump.

[video url="" title="Clip of Cameron as Fizbo"] [/video]

[video url="" title="Fizbo Makes His Debut"] [/video]

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