Photo Gallery: "They Shoot Humphreys, Don't They?"

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We posted some sneak previews for you earlier today. Now, below is a photo gallery from next week's Gossip Girl, "They Shoot Humphreys, Don't They?"

Not surprisingly, there are no threesome clues (or evidence that it even exists) in these pics. Both to build up the suspense and due to the criticism the show has received from some parents, it's probably for the best.

There are some interesting pictures, however. Like this one ...

Jenny and Nate Pic!

What do you suppose brings Nate and Jenny together again?

Another topic for discussion: What is Serena doing with Congressman-elect Tripp? Click to enlarge lots of pictures from the episode below and comment:

Belle of the Ball
Lil Pic
Serena and Tripp
Serena van der W.
Rocking Out
It's J
Married Couple
The Beautiful Miss J
Woman in Black
Rumored 3Some Participants
Lil J Picture
Wash Your Hair!
Such BS
William van der Bilt III
Good Serena
Lily of the Ball
Tripp and Serena
Poor S
J and Posse
Big Night For J
Jenny Humph
Why Are You Still Dressed

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