Scrubs Review: "Our Drunk Friend"

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After the season nine premiere was able to get all the pesky introductions out of the way, "Our Drunk Friend" was really able to show us what Lucy and the rest of her fellow medical students were able to do.

Lucy Gets a Picture

Lucy went up against Dr. Cox in a very classic J.D. battle where she tried to prove she could rescue an alcoholic patient, Alan, while Cox was ready to dismiss him.  The surprise ending with J.D. turned this potentially regurgitated plotline into something more clever.

Meanwhile, J.D. and Turk managed to somehow convince Denise she should actually show some emotion towards Drew and we loved seeing just a slightly human side to Denise.

Overall, the episode was definitely enjoyable, but we're still going to see more of the new class, and as much as I hate to say it, less of the original Scrubs cast to see how Scrubs 2.0 is going to fair.  Now for some quick observations from the episode:

  • How hot is the new Australian student?  Thank you car wash!
  • Glad to see the Todd will pop up in any bit where they need a pervert.  Scrubs wouldn't be the same without him.
  • Other than Lucy's comments on Antonio Sabado Jr., her dream sequences fall short of J.D.'s.
  • Loving Cox's relationship with his #1, Drew, and the pics he kept being sent.

Now for our favorite Scrubs quotes from the episode after the jump.

J.D. [about Cole's mother]: You're gonna hit that, aren't you?
Kelso: Like a big rig with no breaks. | permalink
Denise [to Cole]: I don't know what Orlando-based boy band rejected you, but you do what I tell you. | permalink
J.D. [about Denise and Drew]: You're both dark weirdoes. It's like if Fonzie and Jo from The Facts of Life fell in love with each other.
Turk: I'd watched the hell out of that. | permalink
Lucy: I've been hiding from my teacher, it's a little game we play.
Andy: Really?
Lucy: No, you can win at games. | permalink

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Scrubs Season 9 Episode 2 Quotes

Lucy: I've been hiding from my teacher, it's a little game we play.
Andy: Really?
Lucy: No, you can win at games.

J.D.: You're dangerous aren't you?
Drew: Yes I am.
J.D.: I bet you listen to rap music.