Parks and Recreation Review: "The Set Up"

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There's only one problem with Will Arnett, who guest-starred this week on his wife's sitcom:

All any Arrested Development fan sees when he/she looks at the actor is the character of Gob. When the date between Arnett's Chris and Leslie ended terribly this week, and Chris needed a ride home, we simply thought: Why didn't he drive his Segway there?

Of course, this connection to the canceled Fox series also means we find anything Arnett says to be hilarious. Not that he needed much help on "The Set Up," an episode that found Leslie strapped into a MRI machine while her date talked about the health of her "oven." So awkward and great!

Parks Guest Star

Once again, this episode demonstrated the difference between Leslie and Michael Scott, something it took awhile for Parks and Recreation to spell out: she's not an idiot. Leslie's first date conversation and mannerisms were perfectly normal, while any viewer of The Office can only imagine how Michael would react in a similar circumstance.

This was an important distinction for Parks to make in order to stand out from its NBC counterpart.

When "The Set Up" wasn't focusing on Leslie's terrible date (and her menstrual cycle), it actually dealt with a typical relationship issue.

Who out there hasn't felt threatened by your girlfriend/boyfriend's BFF of the opposite sex? Mark's reaction to Ann and Justin was relatable to all viewers, while his spoiling of Marley & Me and District 9 was a hilarious, cruel, worthy punishment for her insensitivity.

We now interrupt this review to bring you the Ron Swanson Line of the Night, delivered to Tom: "I wanna punch you in the face so bad right now."

That guy rules. We can't wait to watch more of his interactions with April, as this duo's pure hatred for their jobs always serves as a funny, nice balance to Leslie's unabashed enthusiasm for hers.

Below, we've listed a few of our favorite Parks and Recreation quotes from the episode:

Leslie: Just one rule, I don't want to date a twin because I've been tricked before | permalink
Tom: I got a night club opening to go to, which tie should I wear? | permalink
Andy: You have to choose: me or Justin?
Ann: What? No. I'm dating Mark!
Andy [to camera]: This close. | permalink

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I wanna punch you in the face so bad right now.

Ron [to Tom]