Stephanie Savage Previews "The Hurt Locket"

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Gossip Girl returns in just two weeks with a brand-new episode entitled "The Hurt Locket" (a great play on the Oscar nominated film The Hurt Locker).

Bring on March 8!

According to the official synopsis, Nate and Serena decide to explore the boundaries of their friendship, while Blair suspects Chuck is having issues forgetting about the woman he saw at Bart’s grave, whose identity is unclear.

Jenny agrees to accompany Damien to a State Dinner but is unawar  he needs her help with a drug deal, while Vanessa and Dan attempt to move past Dan’s recent confession of love, and Rufus returns from a ski trip trying to avoid Lily.

Nate and S

The wait is almost over - especially for Serenate fans! Executive Producer Stephanie Savage reveals: “We last saw Nate in Serena’s hospital room. Gossip Girl called Serena 'Sleeping Beauty' and referred to Nate as her 'prince.'

"Now we get to see this fairy tale for real. Serena and Nate, the golden couple, finally together. It was S and N’s fateful coupling that night at the Shepherd wedding that set in motion the dynamics of our entire series."

"It’s a big deal to finally have these two pair up. Blake [Lively] and Chace [Crawford] have amazing on-screen chemistry," Stephanie added. "Their scenes together are some of the most fun and sexy we have ever shot.”

As for Chuck's mystery woman?

Mystery Woman

“[The last episode] left audiences wondering, 'Who was the mystery woman at Bart’s grave?' Chuck wants to know too, and spends the episode tracking her down."

"Chuck confronts our mystery lady and demands the truth about her association with Bart, and any information she might know about Chuck’s mother."

"This episode kicks off an emotional Chuck story that brings him and Blair closer than ever. Ed [Westwick] and Leighton [Meester] are at the top of their game.”

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