The Bachelor Review: Week Six

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Jake Pavelka met the families of the four remaining women on The Bachelor last night during visits to their respective hometowns. All his dates went fairly well, by and large.

Until the biggest bombshell in BACHELOR HISTORY was dropped.

If you somehow want the rundown, here's our recap of Week Six.

That might be helpful if you were one of the 12 people watching the Heroes finale. Otherwise, you already know what went down with Jake and his aspiring trophy wives.

After the jump, we've got the highlights in our official review ...

The Final Four Bachelor Girls

Which three of these lovely ladies ended up with roses last night?

Gia's date took place in Manhattan. It went pretty well, although she clearly puts a wall up and doesn't seem compatible with Jake at all. Her mom insists he really loves her.

Ali's date featured a trip to her dead grandmother's house and a lot of gushing about how she wants to be there at the end. Her Williamstown, Mass., family seems normal.

Well, except for the part that her mother's intuition is dead wrong and Ali seeming kind of embarrassed to be seen there, being a cool San Francisco girl now and everything.

Tenley's date was very sweet. She choreographed a dance routine for Jake which he loved. She talked a lot about her ass ex-husband and not wanting to get hurt again.

Her family seems like the cutest ever, as does Tenley in general. Who wouldn't get down on one knee right there? She's totally Jake's type: loving, caring, nauseatingly cute.

Vienna's date was ... well... if you thought Vienna Girardi was dumb, and W.T., well, the producers didn't try to dispel that notion. Her protective dad is kind of insane, too.

Then came the bombshell unlike any other in Bachelor history ... except last season when Ed Swiderski did the same to Jillian Harris. Ali had to go back to work and left!

Seriously, girl up and quit. They dragged this out for a full half hour too. Does every episode really have to be two hours? Yeesh. Roses: Gia, Tenley and Vienna. Gone: Ali.

What did you think? Who will Jake pick among his final three ladies? 

Season 14, Week Six Review

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