Greek Review: "All Children...Grow Up"

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It's spring break! Woot! Woot! "All Children... Grow Up" is the Season 3 finale, and the Greeks bring all their drama down to Myrtle Beach. Check out our episode guide for all the details!

Last week, we were left hanging, waiting to hear about the KT's "master revenge plans" against the Omega Chis. Did the plans live up to your expectations?

Let's see what went down at Myrtle Beach:

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Phase 1: Lose golf tournament - hand over the keys to the beach house to Omega Chi.

Phase 2: Get Omega Chis kicked out of the house by a scary quasi-mobster.

Phase 3: Have the Omega Chis see Rusty with the mob man to make them believe that no one is actually staying at the house.

Phase 4: The Omega Chis take back the house, where they find a raging party, just in time for the cops to come. When they get in trouble with the cops, the charter for the house is threatened. Presidential candidate Trip only makes things worse, but fellow candidate Calvin seems to dissolve the tension, instilling confidence in his fellow brothers.

So Omega Chi really got theirs! Oh, wait actually they didn't. Really KT? The master "revenge" plan didn't really result in so much revenge. Apparently their idea of revenge is getting their best buddy in a leadership position? I don't think Wade, Ferret, and Jeremy will feel vindicated.

This season finale had some major cheese factor!

Rusty teaches Casey a very important lesson: All children, except one, grow up! She is afraid to move forward, towards law school, away from Cappie and CRU and ZBZ. But as Rusty tells Casey, nobody is Peter Pan, not even Cappie... but is Cappie the exception?  We thought he showed some growth recently, what with his attempt  to declare a major, and all... but after tonight, we might think otherwise. Is this truly the end of Cappie and Casey? I really hope not! But we'll have to wait till next season to find out!

All Children...Grow Up Review

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