Greek Review: "The First Last"

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It's the beginning of the end for the CRU seniors - only six more weeks of school! In the latest episode, "The First Last," the Greeks face this fact, and celebrate some of their last opportunities for Greek competition! For the boys, it's a Greek god golf tournament, and for the ladies it's a Greek goddess beauty pageant.

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Secrets and lies! Usually Rusty is in the know about what's going on with his house, but recently he feels like Cappie is keeping everything from him. Rusty is extremely hurt when he finds out that Cappie and Evan had buried the hatchet last semester.

Why would he keep their friendship a secret from Rusty? He thinks that Cappie doesn't trust him. That's why it's so bothersome that Cappie won't tell him the master plans for revenge against the Omega Chis.

It turns out Cappie doesn't have any plans afterall, but it's understandable why Cappie would want Rusty to believe otherwise. Rusty does expect a lot from Cappie and his revengeful scheming - so Cappie just doesn't want to disappoint. Once the two of them started communicating, they probably could come up with something spectacular.

We get a glimmer of their scheming in this episode.

It's obvious at the night-time golf rematch, that Rusty's failure is all calculated according to their plans. But I really have no idea what they have in store for the Omega Chis? Any guesses? All we know is that Phase 2 of the revenge plot happens in Myrtle Beach. And we'll have to tune in next week to see what Rusty and Cappie have put together. Watch out Evan Chambers!

Some of our favorite quotes from this episode:

Laura: What happens in the pantry, stays in the pantry. | permalink
Adam: I think I might be... gay.
Calvin: See It's OK to say the word out loud. What makes you think so?
Adam: I saw New Moon, six times. | permalink
Rusty: Quit being my hero and start being my friend. | permalink

The First Last Review

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Greek Season 3 Episode 19 Quotes

Grant: So what's the verdict on the cruise?
Calvin: I'm sorry, I just I don't want to spend Spring Break with a bunch of single gay strangers.
Grant: So you'd rather spend it with thousands of drunk homophobic straight dudes and girls with low self-esteem in wet T-shirts?

Quit being my hero and start being my friend.