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In this week's episode, the boys are competing in a Greek Gods of golf tournament, while the girls duke it out in a Greek Goddess beauty pageant.

Initially, the news breaks that administration cancelled Greek Week, which means that ZBZ would have no chances to earn any blue ribbon points, and that they would end up ranked #2 sorority behind Gamma Psi. Katherine explains to Casey that she can petition for inclusion of a final event, to run in parallel with the boys' golf tourney, and the pageant is the result.

At a ZBZ meeting, the girls nominate Ashleigh to compete in the pageant. Apparently Ashleigh has a pageant past, however, and retired from the biz at age six. Ashleigh nominates Casey for the pageant. And Beth nominates Rebecca. Casey isn't so sure that Rebecca is the best candidate since there is so much controversy surrounding her right now.

Casey accepts her nomination. But Rebecca thinks that Casey is competing in the pageant because she's constantly trying to prove herself as the hero for the house. It's going to be stiff competition though because the Gamma Psis have brought in a ringer: a Venezuelan born transfer from UCLA. That's right a Cali-Zuelan: she's almost a sure thing.

Dale asks Calvin to advise one of his church friends who is confused about his sexuality. Calvin attempts to prove to this friend, Adam, that you can have a meaningful relationship with another man. However, his proof, his relationship with Grant, may be on the outs.

More and more Grant seems to express interest in singles activities. He wants to go with Calvin on a gay cruise for spring break, whereas Calvin would prefer to hang out with his friends. When push comes to shove, Grant really can't say that he wants to be with Calvin, and only Calvin. So it looks like they're going to be just friends.

Evan apologizes to Casey and Rusty for punching Rusty again. However, Evan reveals that he and Cappie had buried the hatchet last semester, which is news to Rusty. Rusty can't believe that Cappie wouldn't tell him that he called a truce with Evan. Cappie also won't tell him anything about his big revenge plans against the Omega Chis. There seem to be many secrets between them.

Rusty confronts Cappie about this in the quad and they argue. Before they can get anywhere, however, they are accosted by a group of guys masked as ex-presidents and stuffed into a car. They end up tied up in a basement. Because the golf tournament start time quickly approaches, they assume that they were kidnapped by Omega Chis to take Cappie out of the competition.

Rusty frees himself with some WD40 and soon after they hear voices coming. The assume it's the Omega Chis, so he and Cappie run out the back door. We learn that it was actually the pledges who had kidnapped Rusty and Cappie, since they come to "rescue" them. Now that they have escaped, Rusty and Cappie continue to fight about trusting each other, and each goes off separately in a different direction.

Cappie shows up at the last minute for the golf tournament and he has been disqualified. They accuse the Omega Chis of kidnapping him, but they realize it was their own stupid pledges.

Casey's dress returns from the tailors but it's way too short! It seems that Natalie went to the tailors pretending to be Casey and got new measurements for the dress! Casey cannot compete in this too short dress, so Rebecca offers to step in, since she has many appropriate gowns. Casey concedes.

At the competition, as Rebecca walks down the catwalk, some Omega Chis yell out "slut" and "tramp." Rebecca keeps her poise though. Evan yells at his brothers for being so disrespectful.

Casey finds Rebecca backstage with real human tears. Rebecca admits she still has feelings for Evan, and she doesn't think she can go back out for the final round. But Casey encourages her to move forward.

The question portion of the pageant seems a bit rigged. The Cali-Zuelan is asked which class is her favorite, while Rebecca is asked where she stands on the health care debate. Rebecca holds her own up there though, and she uses the time to also make a statement about her current predicament and preach about the impossible sexual double standard held for men and women.

Ultimately, Evan is crowned as the Greek God for winning the golf competition, and Rebecca is crowned as the Greek Goddess.

Rusty and Cappie talk again and Cappie reveals that there are no big revenge plans. He can't think of anything good, and he doesn't want to disappoint Rusty. Rusty just asks that Cappie ask him for help.

At Dobbler's, Cappie challenges Evan to a real game of golf, since Evan won the title by default since Cappie was disqualified. Here are the stakes: If KT loses, Omega Chi gets Pickle's beach house in Myrtle Beach for spring break. But if they win, they get to throw a massive party in the Omega Chi house.

The houses meet on the green that night for the competition. Each player will have one shot with a 9 iron and whomever gets the ball closest to the pin wins. Evan hits it about two feet away. Cappie decides to give his hit to Rusty who just barely gets a piece of the ball. But there seems to be some strategy underneath this...

Back at the KT house, Cappie and Rusty burst out laughing, indicating that their plan was to lose all along. This was just phase 1 of a revenge plot. Phase 2 involves Myrtle Beach, and we'll just have to wait to see what happens next week.

At the ZBZ house, Dale asks Laura to take their relationship public and she refuses. Apparently, they have been having a pantry-only pseudo-sexual relationship. As all the girls are gathered around, Dale announces aloud that his relationship with Laura is over and he is back on the market. Laura is mortified.

The ZBZ seniors have a gift for the house: the gift is that ZBZ is once again  the #1 sorority. AND they have t-shirts for everyone for boasting! ZBZ is back on top!

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Greek Season 3 Episode 19 Quotes

Grant: So what's the verdict on the cruise?
Calvin: I'm sorry, I just I don't want to spend Spring Break with a bunch of single gay strangers.
Grant: So you'd rather spend it with thousands of drunk homophobic straight dudes and girls with low self-esteem in wet T-shirts?

Quit being my hero and start being my friend.