Lost Round Table: "The Package"

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"The Package" was delivered this week on Lost.  Our writers debate its significance in this week's Round Table as well as some of the other salient points covered in this week's episode.

As always, we encourage responses from readers and any other comments.

Why are the electromagnetic pockets on the island important to Widmore?

Claire'sStillHot: I'm not sure that the electromagnetic pockets are as important to Widmore as they are to the NerdAlert geophysicists that he employs.  I think Widmore is more interested in keeping Fake Locke on the island.  At least that seems to be his main focus.

Lady Gaga: They are the source of eternal life and Chuck is on a mission to live forever!

Mr. Probst: They've got to be areas where Fake Locke's powers are hindered in some capacity.  How else is Widmore going to win a war against someone who can't be stabbed or shot?

Lost RT

Sawyer asked it best: Why can't Fake Locke just turn into the smoke and drift over to Hydra Island?

Claire'sStillHot: If you accept what Jacob said as the island being the only thing keeping Fake Locke from spreading to the entire world, then Fake Locke can't use his powers until he convinces the rest of the candidates to leave the island. 

P.S. I can't wait to see the inevitable showdown between Jack and Fake Locke.  Seriously, that has more anticipation than Pacquio-Mayweather

Lady Gaga: Cause that would be ridiculous. There are obviously limitations to Smokey's abilities. For example, how does that fence keep him out, it couldn't have been more than 20 feet tall. I don't know how this will ever be explained.

Mr. Probst: If Fake Locke's powers were non-existent off of the island, Widmore would have shot him on sight when he was at Hydra island.  Perhaps smokey needs to be grounded somewhere and traveling over water prevents that.

Almost all of the sideways experiences have been positive for the characters.  Why has Jin and Sun's been negative?

Claire'sStillHot: Has it really been negative?  In the end, they still end up together, and although Sun got capped in the stomach, we don't know for sure that the baby has been killed.  Come on, they're two young, strapping adults.  They can procreate once again.

Lady Gaga: Kate's has been negative. Sometimes you just get stuck and can't get away from the past. I would argue that it is much more amazing how Sawyer was turned around than seeing Jin, Sun and Kate continue to suffer.

Mr. Probst: For not declaring that money when going through customs, duh!  Ok, in all seriousness the flash-sideways are not necessarily positive, but the opposite of what we'd expect the characters to experience.  Jin and Sun had a largely positive life before the island, at least compared to the other survivors.  Their flash-sideways world is now far more challenging.

Will Desmond be a new vessel for Jacob similar to how Locke is for Man in Black/Smokey?

Claire'sStillHot: Well Black Smoke Man was never "killed", Jacob was...I'm not sure how that all works, but I would vote no as Jacob living through Desmond.  Plus, the whole Dead Jacob/Hurley dialogue holds a lot of intrigue.

Desmond Hume

Lady Gaga: That would mean that Jacob and Chuck are on the same side. Desmond is certainly a part in protecting the island but I don't think he's the next Jacob.

Mr. Probst: I'm sold on the vessels for Jacob and/or Man in Black/Smokey being dead people.  Desmond is alive, albeit barely.  Desmond strikes me more as a Richard/Hurley/Miles type of character - someone with special powers, but not exactly Jacob or Man in Black-like powers.

Fake Locke warned that war has come to the island.  Give us your odds on the winner: Fake Locke, Widmore or the field?

Claire'sStillHot: Seriously?  There's no stopping Jack Shepard.  Shepard could take both Fake Locke and Widmore.  He's kind of like Chuck Norris.  Jack Shepard can win Connect Four in 3 moves.

Lady Gaga: Fake Locke 2-1, Widmore 3-1, Field 10-1

Mr. Probst: Field 3-2, Widmore 5-1, Fake Locke 9-1

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