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On the Island: FLocke approaches Jin about the cave he took Sawyer to and tells him that Kwon is one of the names still on the walls. He tells Jin that they only way they can leave the island is if all the names not crossed off leave together. FLocke leaves the group to go search for Sun; after he leaves, Widmore’s people attack the group with knockout darts and make off with an unconscious Jin.
Jin is locked in the Dharma Initiative’s Room 23, the subliminal message lab once used by the Others as torture. Zoey appears and asks Jin for help looking at some plans that Jin had drafted while working for the Dharma Initiative, of pockets of electromagnetic energy on the island. Widmore brings Jin a camera he found in Sun’s luggage – it is filled with pictures of his daughter, who he has never seen. He tells him that he knows all Jin wants to do is be reunited with his family, but if they let FLocke off the island, everything will cease to be.
At Jack’s camp, Sun is fed up with the waiting around. She tells Jack that she does not care if the island is their purpose or destiny; she just wants to be left alone. When she is alone, FLocke approaches her and tells her that he has Jin and he can reunite the two of them. Instead of going with him, Sun flees, not trusting FLocke. She hits her head, and when she comes to, while she can still understand English, she can only speak Korean.
Richard returns, renewed with purpose. He tells them that they are going to Hydra Island to destroy the plane to stop FLocke from leaving the island. Sun is furious at this – she just wants to find Jin and get off the island, not “save the world.” Jack implores Sun to help them; he swears if she does, he’ll get her and Jin off the island.
FLocke heads to Widmore’s camp on Hydra Island, and stares down his nemesis from across the pylons. When Widmore lies about not having Jin, FLocke tells him that war has arrived. He sends Sayid in to find out what Widmore is hiding in the submarine. As the episode ends, Sayid sneaks to the submarine through the water. He sees Zoey and another of Widmore’s people carrying a dazed person from out of the submarine. Sayid swims closer and realizes that he is looking at Desmond.
Sideways World: Jin is released from custody at the airport, sans the $25,000 he came to the U.S. with and was stopped for not declaring. He tells Sun that he was told by her father to deliver the watch and the money, but he has missed the meeting. They head to their hotel, where Sun tells him that they should run away together and that she has a secret account set up. Before she can tell Jin that she’s pregnant, Martin Keamy knocks on the door of the hotel suite and invites himself in. Sun gives him the watch, but Keamy demands the money. Sun tells him she can get it from the bank; she goes there while Keamy takes Jin to the restaurant.
At the bank, Sun learns that her secret account has been closed by her father. In the restaurant, Keamy tells Jin – despite his inability to understand – that Mr. Paik knows that he and Sun are seeing each other, and that he hired Keamy to kill Jin. Before Keamy can do so, however, Sayid arrives and kills him and his men. He then frees Jin, who waits for Sun to return with Keamy’s last man. The two fight and Jin kills him, but one of the shots hits Sun in the stomach. She tells Jin she’s pregnant.

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Lost Season 6 Episode 9 Quotes

Ben: Why won't you believe me?
Ilana: Because you're speaking.

Unless Alpert's covered in bacon grease, I'm not sure Hurley can track anything