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Though "The Package" was primarily focused on the Kwons, the episode did a great job of providing us with a lot of great lines from the other characters, and gave us one very big piece of the puzzle at the end.
On the island, we know that one of the Kwons is considered a candidate. So does Richard, so does FLocke, and so does Widmore. The issue is, no one knows which one it is: Sun or Jin. In The Package, everyone wanted a piece of both. Though Widmore made the first move, spiriting away Jin during an attack on FLocke’s flock, FLocke himself was the most aggressive, not only tracking down Sun at her camp and trying to coax her back to his people, but also declaring war on Widmore over his kidnapping of Jin. For their part, all Sun and Jin want is to be reunited.

Searching for Jin

In the sideways world, the two were briefly separated, but their reunion was not as joyful as they would have hoped. It was so interesting to once again see the colder, more distant Jin of the flashback/sideways world. We have spent the last few years watching the island warm his heart and allow him to truly embrace and express his love for Sun, so seeing him once again as the cold man was jarring.

Of course, not even Jin could resist Sun’s sultry seduction (we’ve never hated buttons more in our lives), and we bet if it hadn’t been for Keamy’s intrusion, sideways Jin and Sun would be running away together as we speak. Instead, Jin is running Sun straight to the hospital after she caught a stray bullet during the firefight with Keamy’s man. Who wants to bet that the good doctor who helps Sun is none other than Jack Shepherd?
We were given more insight into FLocke as well. We’re still on the fence about just how evil the man (or whatever it is) is. Granted, Widmore said that if FLocke leaves the island, all life will cease. But Widmore’s not exactly a pocket full of sunshine himself, is he? And FLocke did seem legitimate in his promise to reunite Jin and Sun. At the same time, his conversation with Claire revealed how he, like Jacob, manipulates people. He told Claire that he needs Kate to help him get the remaining three candidates off the island with him; after she’s served her purpose, he implied, Claire could have her revenge.
Speaking of revenge, the episode slowed a bit toward the end with another “Revenge of Jack Shepherd Sucking the Life Out of a Scene” with his lame pad-and-tomato approach to a therapy session with Sun. Granted, the man got Sun back on board, but did he have to be so lame? When he told Sun that she wasn’t the first person to tell him to leave them alone, we knew that he’d received our many, many letters. Let’s hope for Sideways Sun’s sake, the good doctor is able to take the life out of a scene and put it back into a fetus.
Let’s touch on the best lines and scene from the episode before we get to the big reveal:
The zingers were fast and furious in Jack’s camp in The Package. While we loved the exchange between Ilana and Ben -
Ben: Why won’t you believe me?
Ilana: Because you’re speaking.
Ilana and Ben

The best line belonged to Miles, as usual, who claimed that “Unless Alpert is covered in bacon grease,” Hurley would have no way of finding him.
Our favorite line, however, was delivered during our favorite scene – the intense stare down across the pylons between FLocke and Widmore. When FLocke asked Widmore what he knew about him, Widmore responded with, “Myth, ghost stories and jungle noises in the night.” That perfect little line just about sums up our collective understanding of the entire show.
Our understanding may soon be getting clearer, however, now that Widmore’s special package has been revealed to be none other than Desmond. It now seems like all the pieces are in place on the island for the endgame to play itself out, but what can that possibly be? Will Desmond be the new vessel for Jacob, just as Locke was for The Man in Black? Is he another candidate, brought back to the island to complete the picture? Sound off and let us know what you think.

The Package Review

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Lost Season 6 Episode 9 Quotes

Ben: Why won't you believe me?
Ilana: Because you're speaking.

Unless Alpert's covered in bacon grease, I'm not sure Hurley can track anything