Matt Czuchry Teases Tension Between Cary and Alicia on The Good Wife

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What's coming up on The Good Wife? The show's creator recently spilled some secrets and spoilers regarding the hit CBS series.

Now, star Matt Czuchry is getting more specific. In an interview with TV Guide, the actor that plays Cary Agos teased that tension is about to soar between his character and Alicia, as the pair compete to be junior associates.

"There are some big changes that are going to happen with the relationship between Cary and Alicia," Czuchry said. "They are each going to do whatever it takes to get that spot through manipulation, making deals, and so we are going to see these characters' level of competition for that one spot come to a height."

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One of our favorite aspects of The Good Wife has been the evolving relationship between Cary and Alicia. Lesser dramas would simply depict these two as rivals, but this show has built a layered, mature bond between the pair.

However, looking ahead to the season's last quintet of episodes, Czuchry says that will be broken beyond repair, at least for "the foreseeable future."

"There's always been that underlying competition there and now that this story line of who's going to win comes to a head, that competition is taken to the next level. Both with the competition coming to a close and the new story lines that develop out of that, the competition between them is taken further than we've ever seen before."

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